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Series: Luis Palau | Getting Started

Sadly, many followers of Christ end up needlessly stuck. But don’t despair; this week on “Reaching Your World,” Luis Palau tells us how God can use barriers and mistakes to teach us something important for the future.

Showing Appreciation Friday, May 31, 2019

When I think back on my life, I am amazed by the people who invested in me. There were teachers, pastors, family members, friends, and the list goes on and on… People pouring into my life, showing me right living and teaching me of God. Most often I ignored their instruction, but they kept pouring into my life. In thinking about them, a particular Bible verse comes to mind. Galatians 6:6 says, “The one who receives instruction in the Word should share all good things with their instructor.” That’s pretty straight-forward, isn’t it?

My Dad was my greatest instructor, but sometimes when sharing my testimony, which I do all the time, people will come up after and say, “Oh I prayed for you for all those years. It’s so good to hear your story.” Then they try to walk away and I think wait! Come back here. I don’t even know who you are, let me thank you for praying that God would have mercy on my life.

Who has helped you to become who you are today? Who shared God’s love with you? Who prayed for you? Be sure to thank them. Tell them the good things that have happened because of their teaching and prayers. Then, just as someone reached into your world, reach into someone else’s. Tell them about Jesus Christ, tell someone in your life about Him. Just as someone poured into you, pour into another. And later in life a man, woman, or child will be reading Galatians 6 and you will be the “instructor” that comes with gratitude to their mind.

This is Andrew Palau.

Seeking Wisdom Thursday, May 30, 2019

Are you young and inexperienced? Good! You may be just the kind of person God is looking to use. You may have heard the saying before, “God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.” And you know, if you have a call from God, I believe He will give you the wisdom and direction you need. But may I encourage you in one way? Don’t go it alone. The Bible says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” We are told that there is victory, safety and wisdom in a multitude of counselors. So I would encourage anyone to have many counselors - young and old. Gather a team around you.

I remember when Dr. Billy Graham gave me advice.  One day he said, “Luis, I can open a door for you, but only you can walk through it.”  And another man, Mr. Fred Renich, said to me, “Before your feet touch the ground in the morning, begin to praise God that He’s going to use you today, every single day.”  And then Ian Thomas, who said, “Luis, it’s not you serving the Lord, but Christ in you and through you, using you to bring glory to God.” 

That kind of counsel is absolutely imperative, and you need it just as much as I did.  There is wisdom in many counselors. Whose advice will you seek out today as you reach your world?         

This is Luis Palau

The Early Days Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I have a word for Christian teens and kids of all ages.  Do you know that revivals of Christianity usually come through young people?  That’s historical.

I still remember my early days of ministry. I think it’s important to remember the lessons you learned early on and to keep those in mind as you move forward. I learned many things from those first days on the radio and holding public campaigns.

Once, on Independence Day, I was in a small cow town of Argentina, with gauchos on horseback, high school bands playing, and the government people and the politicians giving speeches.  We went right up to the mayor and we said, “Can I come up on the platform and for ten minutes explain what we believe about Jesus Christ?”  They chased me out, so we all left.  We had two missionaries who played the trombone and the baritone. A hundred yards away from the parade they started playing really loud, and a big group of people came over just to see what was going on.  About 70 of them followed us to an empty building that we hired, and 37 of them came to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

So, as a young person, “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” That’s what the Bible says.

This is Luis Palau.

Mistakes Tuesday, May 28, 2019

If you let one mistake keep you down, you’ll miss out on God’s plan for your life. If you’ve made a mistake, ask for forgiveness, make amends, and then pick yourself up and get right back to work. Often God can use our mistakes to teach us something important for the future. Often it’s the mistake that He will use to help us reach our world.

I remember one of my big mistakes.  We were missionaries in Mexico City with a missionary society.  We organized a city-wide stadium campaign, another missionary and I, and we borrowed the money from three Michigan churches. And borrowing was against the missionary society’s rules. Then the government cancelled the festival and we lost all the money.  We didn’t know how to pay it back.  Never again will I borrow money for an evangelistic campaign.  That was a big lesson.

You have never messed up too much, or gone too far. Don’t be discouraged. We are told in the book of Proverbs, “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

Remember there is no condemnation for those of us who are in Christ - so it’s time to pick yourself up and get back to reaching your world, forgiven and cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

This is Luis Palau.

Just do it Monday, May 27, 2019

It can be tempting to wait for a moment where God splits the sky and explicitly says to us what we are to do next. And some people certainly have had that experience of specific, audible direction from God. But oftentimes, once we pray and seek out wisdom, we just need to step out in faith. The specific direction we’re looking for may come in different forms. It could be a word from a friend. Or a sudden letter in the mail. However, sadly many followers of Christ can end up needlessly stuck. Immobilized. Waiting for the call.

So here’s my suggestion if you’re feeling “stuck”- study God’s Word. Meditate on it. Memorize passages. We are told that the Bible contains everything that we need pertaining to life and godliness, in Second Peter. Everything! And I believe as you get to know God more through reading His word, and meditation, and prayer, you will have a better sense of where to go next. You know, God may not audibly speak to you and tell you exactly what to do, but that’s okay. Because God’s Word is living and active, it will speak to you in your own spirit (as Romans 8 teaches) concerning any situation or problem you may be facing.  So get on your knees today. Open your Bible. Let His word direct your steps and guide you in reaching your world. 

This is Luis Palau.

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