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Series: Luis Palau | Our Great Savior

On “Reaching your World with Luis Palau” this week, Luis reminds us of some of the marvelous attributes of Jesus Christ.  The Good News of this great Savior is what we must share with others in our world.

What a Savior! Friday, April 26, 2019

During His public ministry here on earth, Jesus saw tens of thousands of men, women, youth and children. He saw them with gracious, loving eyes. He still does. But one thing He does not put up with is the hypocrisy in people.  If someone in the Bible was a hypocrite, nothing was off the table until Jesus had turned that hypocrite around.

Was Jesus Himself every hypocritical?  No! He was completely open and transparent. Jesus didn’t just say walk a second mile. He had done it. More than once. Jesus didn’t just say turn the other cheek. He had been slapped. Hard. Jesus didn’t just say give your shirt. When sued, He gave the man His coat as well. [Matthew 5:39-41]

What’s more, Jesus didn’t stop. On the day of His death, Jesus, already severely flogged, endures fist after fist smashing into His face. Then Jesus walks, haltingly, up the hill to His place of crucifixion. There, Jesus is disrobed, nailed, lifted up, and left hanging between heaven and earth while Roman soldiers divided up all of His clothes.

Today, Jesus walks with us, every mile. When we fail Him, Jesus turns the other cheek and forgives us, and then gives us His own robes of righteousness. What a Savior! Let’s tell people in our world about Him.           

This is Andrew Palau.

Why the Disciples Followed Jesus Thursday, April 25, 2019

Have you ever wondered how Jesus convinced Peter, Andrew, James, John, and others to drop everything, leave it all behind, and start following Him—with no stated destination, spelled-out itinerary, or promise of safe passage and return? Exactly how did Jesus pull that off? You see this in the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel. First, Jesus came to their town. Second, He hung around with them for a number of days. Third, without warning, Jesus disappeared.

Peter and the others looked for Jesus everywhere. Finally, they found Him away from town and in the wilderness, walking stick in hand, ready for a long day’s journey. Peter says, Don’t you know everyone has been asking for you? [Mark 1:37] Jesus’ reply, in essence, was this: Yes, but we need to be going. I have many other towns to visit. [Mark 1:38] It was clear there was no point trying to convince Jesus to come back. He was already standing up and starting down the road.

In that instant, Peter and the others had a decision to make. Jesus wasn’t laying out various options. By His very actions, He was issuing a command.

Sometimes we wonder where God is in our life. In such times, let’s be sure to start following Jesus anew – day after day.

This is Luis Palau.

Jesus Delivers Us Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Before her deliverance, Mary Magdalene experienced a never-ending nightmare at the hands of demons. Not overwhelming life circumstances, but seven wicked spiritual beings who invaded her body and tormented her spirit. Mary found no way of escape—until the day she met Jesus. [Luke 8:2]

When Mary came face to face with Jesus, He immediately cast out the demons and she awoke to the glories of His salvation. She never faced those demons again. Instead, Mary became one of a handful of women disciples who stayed close to Jesus. She traveled with Him, supported Him financially, stood by and wept at His crucifixion, and saw Him first after His resurrection.

How many demons bind lost people in horrible nightmares today? Millions suffer from true demonic possession or from the “demons” of alcoholism, drugs, suicidal depression, and extreme insecurity about the future.

Mary came to Jesus, not for a quick fix to her nightmares, but for complete freedom and lifelong dependence and relationship in Jesus Christ. Jesus still delivers people from nightmares today. No nightmare is too awful. He casts them all away. Like Mary, you can come to Him for complete salvation today. And so can your friends.

This is Luis Palau. 

The Lord's Amazing Mercy and Grace Tuesday, April 23, 2019

From the time you were a kid, you’ve been told: “Three strikes and you’re out.” Thankfully, God’s kingdom operates on an entirely different basis. You can never let God down one too many times. If you love Him and own up to your sins, confessing them and asking for His forgiveness, God keeps right on forgiving you and putting you back in the game.

If anyone has ever understood the marvel of God’s goodness to keep giving second chances, it was the apostle Peter. In the course of a single evening, Peter denied Jesus Christ three times: first to a maid, then in front of a couple of her friends, then before an entire group of bystanders. Yet after His resurrection, Jesus made a point of repeatedly reassuring Peter that He still had great things in store for this very human, less than perfect disciple.

Later in life, Peter was quick to remind his fellow believers that Jesus Christ “personally carried away our sins in his own body on the cross so we can be dead to sin and live for what is right.” [1 Peter 2:24] Like Peter, let’s rejoice in the Lord’s marvelous, amazing mercy and grace. And let’s tell others about it, too.

This is Luis Palau.

God's Boundaries of Blessing Monday, April 22, 2019

How do you view the Ten Commandments? No, not the classic movie—instead, the real thing you can read in Exodus chapter 20 in the Bible.

Culturally, people often view the Ten Commandments as God’s idealistic yet impossible demands for His people of long, long ago.  Then, as now, people want to do their own thing, their own way, without anyone or anything interfering with their choices. If only they and we could see the Ten Commandments as God’s boundaries of blessing. After all, each of the Ten Commandments protects us from some serious error, terrible harm, unbearable heartache, and severe loss.

Invest tens of thousands of dollars worshipping false gods? Bad idea. Coveting other people’s possessions with greed? Another bad idea. Take a former neighbor to court on false charges and commit perjury? Super bad idea.

After nearly 3,500 years, God’s Ten Commandments are more relevant than ever. Each and every one continues to offer God’s rich blessings. May we never tire of enjoying what the Lord truly intends for our good, and the good of people in our world.

This is Luis Palau.

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