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Series: Luis Palau | God Works through You

Did you know that God works through you to further His Gospel message?  This week on “Reaching your World with Luis Palau,” Luis tells how we can spread the Good News to people in our lives.  Whoever you are, God can you use you! 

We Need each Other Friday, June 15, 2018

Your abilities are given to you for the benefit of other people. The Bible says in first Peter 4:10, “Each of you, as a good manager, must use the gift that God has given you to serve others.” 

Nobody is good at everything. Nobody has every talent. There are no perfect people who can say to the world, “I don’t need anybody else.” We need each other. We were made to work in teams. That’s why we need a family and a church. We’re better together.

Here’s some advice: team up with people who are good at what you’re not good at. Team up with people who complement you. This applies to marriage, too. My wife Wendy, for example, complements my strengths and compensates for my weaknesses. For instance – maybe you can relate to this – sometimes in one-on-one situations, sharing the Gospel, I just find myself nervous and I fumble and I don’t know what to say.  Whereas Wendy always seems to know what to say, and how to ask the right questions.  And so we work together on that.  I love to stand in front of people and authoritatively share the Gospel and she doesn’t really love to do that as much.  So we’re good together.

In our marriages, in our church families, in our friend groups, we’re constantly making each other better by embracing our individual strengths and weaknesses.

This is Andrew Palau.

Planting the Seed for God's Work Thursday, June 14, 2018

I recently heard a story from a close friend and evangelist who was in Colombia to speak at a pastors’ conference.

After my friend gave his message, a ministry leader named Sara told him that when she was a teenager she became deeply involved in a dangerous political movement. At that time, Sara had not heard of Jesus, and she was living a fast-paced life surrounded by violence.   Then one day Sara was with her mother and she heard something through her mother’s radio that caught her attention. And you know what? It was me! Sara told my friend, “I heard a man named Luis Palau talk about Jesus.”   Eventually, Sara began to research Jesus on her own. She became a child of God and she got out of the dangerous movement she was involved in. Then, she went on to become a minister. Today Sara works with at-risk young adults to tell them about God’s life-changing Good News.

Jesus is working in all of us to touch people, even when we don’t realize it. I did not know that the young woman was listening to me on the radio, but God used that instance to speak to her heart.   In Luke 19, the Bible says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” God wants to reach the lost all around the world. Ask Him to use you to plant His life-changing seeds of Truth.           

This is Luis Palau.

Life on Purpose Wednesday, June 13, 2018

There is a famous quote by author Mark Twain that says, “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” And you know, I think this quote can really apply to all of us.  How often do we spend our time focusing on things that don’t really matter? How often do we spend our days going to work, or school, or with friends without being intentional about spreading the Good News?

In this day and age, it is easy to get caught up in being busy, but I think we have to remind ourselves that following Jesus and proclaiming His Truth is more valuable than anything else because it has eternal ramifications.  First Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all to the glory of God”. This is a reminder to live with divine purpose. Daily.

What do you hope to see when you look back on your life twenty years from now? I, for one, want to know that I did all I could to tell the world about God’s truth. I want all of my friends, and family members, even strangers to hear the Good News Gospel. How about you?  I challenge you to look for opportunities to reach your world with the news of Jesus today.

This is Luis Palau.

Sharing Today Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Recently, a well-known actor and comedian committed suicide—to the shock of his family, friends, and adoring fans. He had struggled with a variety of personal issues, and ultimately made a decision to commit suicide. This made me think: who do I need to share the joy of Jesus Christ with today? Who in my life is struggling? Who needs to hear about the hope, and peace, and the comfort that comes through a relationship with the Lord?

This world is not easy. There are a lot of things that are hard, and sad, and unfair. But God offers us a solid, consistent source of hope. And, what’s more, God offers us eternal life.  The Book of Psalms in the Bible says, “Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He will sustain you.” Now, this doesn’t mean that all of our troubles will go away, but it does mean that we can walk through life’s ups and downs with God holding our hand.   God intends for us to cling to Him in good times and in bad. He wants this for everyone. As you pray about how to reach your world, ask Him to open your eyes to a person around you who needs to hear about this life-changing Truth. Then, share it with them, won’t you?   

This is Luis Palau.

God-shaped Hole Monday, June 11, 2018

Have you ever heard of the metaphor about the “God-shaped hole”?  I have heard several Christian teachers refer to it.  The idea is that each of us has a “God-shaped hole” – in other words, a need for God that nothing else can fill. But we sometimes try to fill this hole with things other than God. Perhaps we try to fill this hole with money, or success at work or in school, or with food, or maybe by seeking attention… But at the end of the day, nothing will truly satisfy except for God Himself.

God created both you and me to be aware of our need for Him. He did so because He wants a relationship with us. The Bible says, in Psalm 103, that God “created our inmost being”—He knows what we need, and it’s Him. God designed us to go through life with Him. Not just to go to church on Sundays, or to pray before we go to sleep at night…but to be walking with Him throughout our entire lives.

As you think about how you can be reaching your world with the Good News of Jesus Christ, consider that each person has a “God-shaped hole”. It’s real and it is there. There is not one person in this entire universe who is without it. This should encourage you to spread the truth about Jesus to everyone. After all, nothing but Jesus will fill the void.

This is Luis Palau.

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