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Series: Luis Palau | Living in a Chaotic World

Let’s face it, this world is chaotic.  But amidst the confusion and darkness, God’s light shines brightly.  This week on “Reaching Your World with Luis Palau,” Luis points out how we can overcome fear, and trust in God.  

Where are "the Ends of the Earth"? Friday, October 29, 2021

One of the most famous Bible verses is Acts 1:8. Jesus is sending His disciples to Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. Then Jesus adds, “and to the ends of the earth.” What exactly does Jesus mean by “ends of the earth”? Is He speaking about only the areas that were known in His day...or also of unknown lands around the globe?

Earlier, Jesus used the phrase “the ends of the earth” to speak of the Queen of the South’s nation 1,200 miles away. He also uses the phrase to describe all peoples everywhere. Then right before His ascension Jesus speaks the words in Acts 1:8.

So, what does Jesus mean when He says to be His witnesses to “the ends of the earth”? He means it literally. He means all around the globe to every nation, starting first with the Jews in Jerusalem and Judea, second with the Samaritans, and then anywhere and everywhere else.

Let’s never forget that Jesus Himself made “the ends of the earth” and knew them extremely well. His was a vast vision. And His Good News truly has reached every nation. Not everyone everywhere yet, but these are exciting days with advanced means of travel, and technology we can utilize.
I believe that now, more than ever, it’s time to reach our world for Jesus Christ.

This is Andrew Palau.

Lighting the Darkness Thursday, October 28, 2021

I have a friend who recently moved into a new home. The first day, she got all unpacked. She organized her living room furniture, put away her dishes, and hung up her clothes. She was feeling pretty good, so she decided to go out for some dinner. While she was gone, the sun went down. She arrived home in the dark.

When she walked in the front door, she realized something. She didn’t know where the light switch was. She searched all over for it in the dark. When she found it, she flipped it on, only to find it didn’t turn on the overhead light. In fact, there was no overhead light! After banging her knees on her furniture, she eventually got to the kitchen, where she found a light. Suddenly, she could see where everything was! She no longer was bumping into things to find her way.

A little light is a good thing! We humans aren’t made to live in the dark. But with even the smallest light, everything becomes clear. Christ said to His followers, “You are the light of the world.” But if we are hiding, we are of no use at all. The world needs lights in the dark places. Otherwise, people will stumble their way around, never getting out of the darkness. In this dark world, we know that the truth that is Jesus sets us free. Let’s brighten the world with the light of Christ’s hope and love.

This is Luis Palau.

Choosing Love Wednesday, October 27, 2021

When our world erupts in chaos, it is natural to feel afraid. Life is unpredictable, and we can be fragile creatures. And yet, if we truly trust in God, that trust will make us brave. When we are brave, we can do brave things: like choosing love over fear. Choosing love can be difficult. When life is in turmoil, it can be easier to blame others and get angry. Or we can become anxious and afraid over the state of things, and do nothing. The hardest choice is to love those around us, engaging with their pain and forgiving those who contribute to the chaos. This choice will bring about a measure of healing through God’s love.

As the Bible says, God’s very nature is love. So when we choose love, we bring God to those around us. We become representatives of Him, His hands and feet in this world. We take His love into every situation we encounter. Then, instead of adding to the chaos and anger, we can listen to and care for those who are in pain. This requires time, energy, and trust in God’s divine plan. It is the brave thing to do, and it is the right thing to do. Ultimately, this love of God will guide those in pain and point them to the power of Christ  So, choose love over fear, and be an instrument of change in your world.

This is Luis Palau.

Trusting Christ Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Have you ever watched a young child and her parent, often her dad, at the neighborhood pool? She creeps up to the side of the pool, sticking her toes over the edge. Her dad is in the deep end, standing in water up to his chest. He gestures to her, telling her to “jump! Jump!” But the little girl can’t. It’s scary! The water is deep. She doesn’t know how to swim. She doesn’t know what will happen if she jumps. But her dad is in the pool. The little girl is afraid of the water, but she trusts her dad. His arms are wide open, and he is telling her to jump. So what does she do? She jumps! And what does her dad do? He catches her! And everyone claps.

Maybe you were like that little girl, not so long ago. Maybe you were like her yesterday! It can be scary to jump into the unknown. The water is deep and dark. We often feel so small. But Jesus is saying, “Jump! I will catch you!” Trusting Christ is key to swimming through this world. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding,” says Proverbs chapter 3. We should jump into the mess of this world with all of our heart. When we do, we will find we are in the arms of our Savior, and able to swim through the deepest water. Others will see and admire our bravery. Then we can show them Christ. He is standing in the deep end, telling them to jump in too!

This is Luis Palau.

Overcoming Fear Monday, October 25, 2021

This is a chaotic time in our world. Violence is erupting both overseas and at home, and few places feel truly safe anymore. Unwittingly, the message sent by politicians and newscasters is that we should be afraid.

Being afraid is natural. Have you ever heard of “fight or flight”? This phrase describes our human reactions to fear. Some people tend to “fight.” This means when they get afraid, they want to attack the thing that scares them. Their first reaction is to destroy their fear.

The other reaction is “flight.” Some people’s first instinct is to run away from the frightening thing! They want to leave and hide, remove themselves from the situation entirely. We cannot destroy our world’s chaos, but we also can’t lock ourselves away from it. So what are we to do?

For Christians, there is a third option: rely on Jesus Christ. He’s the only one who can give us peace. He himself said, “In me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” We do not have to be afraid. We do not have to fight or flee. Christ already offers redemption to the world, and we can have peace, knowing that He overrules in world affairs. What good news that is! Let’s share it with those around us who are afraid.

This is Luis Palau.

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