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Series: Luis Palau | Rewarding Relationships

Luis Palau says life is all about relationships.  On "Reaching your World" this week he will point out how we can reflect Jesus Christ in our various circles of influence.

United Believers Friday, January 31, 2020

In my life I’ve found that stressful situations tend to highlight the strength of a relationship. Think about this…when we experience stress or tragedy, a couple of things tend to happen. Sometimes we turn against each other. But other times stressful situations can bring us closer to one another.

Several years ago my family was flying into Jamaica to visit my wife’s family when our plane crashed upon landing.  While the situation was tense, scary, and stressful, our united faith ended up bringing us closer together than ever before.

The Bible is clear that our enemy, Satan, comes to destroy and his greatest tool to do that is to divide us and isolate us from one another. And a lot of times, he is successful at doing so. Think of situations in your life when stress or pressure has caused you to be hostile towards someone you love.

But when we’re rooted firmly in Jesus, we can face stress and adversity as a united front with other believers in our life and it draws us together. In your face, Satan! The Bible commands us in 1 Peter 3:8, “Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.”
This week, I encourage you to consider how you respond in stressful situations. Seek God’s peace and comfort, so that in any tense moment, you can be united—rather than divided—with the people in your life.

This is Andrew Palau.

Building Relationships on Trust Thursday, January 30, 2020

Do you remember the days of the telemarketer? Back when everyone had house phones, we used to pick up the phone and hear a friendly voice. “Hello! How are you today?” They would say cheerily. They seemed like they wanted to talk to us. Soon, though, we’d find out that they were only being nice because they wanted to sell us something! The telemarketer didn’t really want to be our friend. They didn’t really care how we were.

Sometimes the perception of Christians is that we’re spiritual telemarketers. They say we’re only being nice because we want to sell people eternal life. Honestly, this perception isn’t wholly wrong. We should never be ashamed of our true purpose, which is to follow Christ and introduce others to the joy and hope we have. However, godly relationships are not a sales pitch. They can only be built through time and attention, through experiencing challenges and joys. We need to approach our relationships with love and commitment, with actions! As 1 John says, “Let us not love with words of speech, but with actions and in truth.” We are not only trying to point people to heaven. Instead, we are trying to be their friends through actions and truth, which involves telling them about the hope of Christ. We should always treat others with God’s love. That love will touch their lives and bless the world.

This is Luis Palau. 

Relationships, the Jesus Way Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Jesus lived a life of radical inclusiveness, creating relationships with those who would not have been socially and religiously acceptable in His day. I mean, women were among His followers! He ate with tax collectors! By Jesus’ examples, we can clearly see that we are called to befriend those who need help, or those who simply need a friend.

If there was any doubt in people’s minds about Jesus’ philosophy about relationships, the story He told about the Good Samaritan erased it. This was the story of a Samaritan, a member of a group widely thought to be awful by those listening to Jesus’ story. This Samaritan helped a hurting person when no one else would, not even a religious leader who passed by. The Samaritan didn’t even stop and think about it; he gathered up the wounded traveler by the side of the road, took him to an inn, and paid for his care. He gave of his time, energy, and money for another. We are to be the Good Samaritan. Jesus calls us to give of ourselves for others who are hurting and in need of help. Yes, we want to bring them to Jesus, but one first step is to build relationships with them. Once we have developed trust, then we can more easily introduce them to the God who has called us to love. Just wait and see how God will change the world as we reach out to those in need.

This is Luis Palau.

Different Models of Relationships Tuesday, January 28, 2020

We all have many different relationships that we invest time in. Some of these relationships are integral to our lives, like our spouses, kids, parents, or best friends. Other relationships might be less powerful but still important, like co-workers or neighbors. We also have very casual relationships.

As you think about your relationships, do you find you spend most of your time with people who believe and think the same as you do? If so, you’re like a lot of Christians. While finding a community of believers is important, so is having people in your life who do not believe the same things that you do. We are called to get to know others who might disagree with us. They will push us to understand our world in different ways, and we will do the same for them. As our relationship grows, Christ will give us opportunities to share the Good News Gospel with them.

Jesus commands us, “love your neighbor as yourself.” He doesn’t follow up by saying, “if they believe the same way as you do.” No! He says, we are to love all of our neighbors, all those who we have relationships with, as if they were ourselves. We should treat them respectfully, and tell them about God’s love for them. As we cultivate these relationships, we grow God’s kingdom on earth, and gain new perspectives about the world we live in!                 

This is Luis Palau.

Life is about Relationships Monday, January 27, 2020

Life is about relationships, isn’t it? Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors: our relationships make our lives rich. If you think about it, even the things we do in our free time are often based around relationships. For example, many of us watch sports teams because of the relationships between the teams, the teammates, and sometimes our own history with the team. Even music can be thought of as sort of a relationship between different instruments, all working together. 

God created us for relationships. He created us to desire relationship with Him; then He created us to need relationships with each other. This is clear all the way back in Genesis. It wasn’t good for man to be alone; he needed another person to live life with. Sadly, Adam and Eve, as you know, brought each other to sin. But I hope they also brought each other to God many times after that. It’s true that our relationship with God is an individual one – everyone needs to make their own decision to follow Christ. However, most of us can point to particular relationships God used to bring us to follow Christ. For me, it was my dad and my mom. It is so important that we as followers of Christ become that person, that relationship, for those around us who don’t know Jesus. Relationships are one big key to bringing others to eternal life in Christ and reaching our world for Him.                

This is Luis Palau.

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