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This week on Reaching Your World.

Series: Luis Palau | Encouragement from Around the World

This week on “Reaching Your World,” Luis Palau recounts stories of Jesus followers in various countries of the world.  From Peru to Russia, God is doing wonderful things in people’s lives.  You’ll be encouraged to share your faith by hearing these exciting stories of redemption.

The Power of the Gospel Friday, May 18, 2018

My wife Wendy and I know a woman in our neighborhood who, because of her success and family background, always was intimidating to me. Very friendly, always, but, I’m ashamed to admit, even though I share the Gospel all the time, I was nervous about bringing it up with her. She comes from an atheist family and I assumed she would consider Jesus Christ irrelevant. Yet, God was stirring in her heart and mind beyond what I could see.

One day we ran into her at the park. As we chit-chatted and the kids played, my wonderful wife shared about a life struggle she was going through and mentioned she believed that God answers prayers. Well, that one comment opened up a flood of questions storing up in her heart. She told us later that she had dreams of God calling out to her. She happily accepted the invitation to join a Bible study and soon gave her life to Christ. Now I see her family every Sunday at church. Christians often quote the verse in Romans: “I am not ashamed of the Gospel…it is the power of God unto salvation.”

I had let intimidation steal my courage to speak out the Good News. I forgot that the Holy Spirit goes far ahead, and that the message itself carries the power. Remembering that will encourage us more than anything as we reach our world.

This is Andrew Palau.

An Ex-communist Russian Pastor Thursday, May 17, 2018

Oleg was a communist in Russia in 1992 when he heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. Oleg repented of his sins and gave his life to Jesus that day. Over the years, as Oleg openly lived out his faith, his wife, son, and daughter all gave their lives to Jesus Christ. Today, Oleg pastors a church of 200 people in Russia.

Oleg wasn’t planning on accepting Christ that day in 1992. But God was. The Lord had a plan to bring Oleg into His kingdom that day. God has a plan to reach the lost in your world too. In First Timothy it says that Christ “wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” This includes those who are not seeking God or expecting an encounter with Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to remember that the Lord has a plan for those in your world who have yet to give their lives to Him. And, YOU may be part of that plan. Today, be hopeful and expectant that Christ is working in your world and wants to partner with you to reach those around you with His love. Let’s be people who prayerfully look for opportunities to share our faith, are obedient to His promptings, and lead many others to Jesus Christ.

This is Luis Palau.

From the Air Force to the Pulpit Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Years ago, Santiago was finishing his compulsory military service in the Air Force of Peru. There, at a jungle air base, he heard the Good News of Jesus Christ through one of our radio programs and gave his life to Jesus. At the time, he did not imagine the adventure that he would have because he surrendered to Jesus. His journey with Christ had only just begun.

As Santiago prayed and studied the Bible with other followers of Jesus Christ, he was so excited that he chose to leave the Air Force and start pastoring a church in Piura, Peru. In the years following, he led many people to the Lord and continues to do so today.

Santiago’s story is a wonderful reminder that salvation is the great beginning. As we continue to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ, we become more and more like Him. And, what better way to do this than to be in fellowship with those who have more experience and wisdom than us? Proverbs says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This week, I encourage you to first look for someone to share your faith with and then, invite them to join you at church or small group Bible study. God will use you in their life and so help you in reaching your world.

This is Luis Palau.

Battling Cancer Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I recently received a letter from a lady named Judith. When she was a young mother in England, she was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, she didn’t know Jesus Christ and was afraid. The future looked bleak and she was burdened by the things she had done wrong. Daily, she struggled with fear and guilt.

Then, one day, a neighbor invited Judith to our evangelistic campaign. Judith recalls hearing the message of God’s forgiveness and peace. On that evening in London, Judith gave her life to the Lord. She’s now a new person – full of hope and confidence.

Judith’s story is a great example of the opportunity followers of Jesus have to bring hope and peace to our friends’ lives. When people are in trying situations, they are often eager to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. When Judith came to know Jesus, she prayed that the Lord would give her ten more years so she could see her daughters grow up. He has given her many more than that. Remember Judith’s story when your friends are going through hard times and encourage them to “cast their cares on Him” – as St. Peter instructs. Your willingness to share the Good News may lead another to eternal life, and God may heal them also.               

This is Luis Palau.

Salvation then Ministry Monday, May 14, 2018

Mark was born in the United Kingdom. 17 years later he was born into God’s Kingdom. He is a husband and a father of four children. He experienced the joy of salvation, as he said to me in a letter, “because of your willingness, Luis, to follow the Lord and speak the truth - even on a dark, cold rainy night in Wrexham, England.

Now, fast-forward a few years… Today, Mark lives in Romania where his family is working as missionaries with teenagers in prison, and those in danger of winding up in prison. After only two years they have seen amazing changes in the lives of these teens. Part of Jesus’ mission on earth was to bring freedom for the captives. He says in the book of Luke, “He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners.”

As we share our faith with the people around us, we bring freedom to those who are bound by the enemy. Mark’s story is an encouragement as we reach the world around us. It reminds us that when one person is set free, they may then go on to be the source of freedom for many others. This week, let’s look for opportunities to share the Good News with someone who is in bondage. The love of Jesus Christ can bring freedom to anyone in your world.

This is Luis Palau.

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